Donation Process

When you join our registry, you are making a commitment to answer the call when a patient needs you to donate your cells for a marrow transplant. Learn more about the bone marrow donation process and what patients and donors can expect.


Not everyone on Be The Match Registry® will match and be asked to donate to a patient. In fact, the chances of donating are 1 in 540. If you are asked to donate, the patient's doctor has chosen you as the best donor.


If you are identified as a potential match for a patient, the Be The Match representatives will work with you through the following steps:


1.     Update your Health Information

You will be asked to confirm your commitment to donate, and complete a thorough health questionnaire.


2.     Participate in an information session

We will speak with you about the two methods of donation: marrow or PBSC, their possible risks and potential side effects. This 90- minute session is designed to fully inform you about donation. You will have many opportunities to ask questions and will be asked if you’re willing to proceed with the donation.


3.     Sign a consent form

If you agree to donate, you will be asked to confirm your decision by signing a consent to donate form.


4.     Undergo a physical exam

You will have a physical exam to see if donating would pose any risk to you or the patient.


5.     Give blood samples

Before you donate you will be asked to give several blood samples. This is usually done in two to four appointments. These will be scheduled by your donor center.


6.     Donate

After the above steps are completed successfully, you will proceed with donating peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or bone marrow.


The video below shows the two donation procedures:

PBSC Donation Procedure



Marrow Donation Procedure