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5 Steps to Donation

5 Steps to Donation

Sign Up. Save a Life.

5 Steps to Donation:

1. Sign Up. Click the link and include yourself on the registry.

2. Stay Committed. Wait for Call.

3. Additional Testing. A blood sample will determine if you are the best match.

4. Physical Exam. Patient safety is our priority.

5. Donate Marrow. Donate in one of two ways:

PBSC – Take Filgrastin 5 days prior to donating to increase the number of blood-forming cells. Through a non-surgical procedure called apheresis, blood stem cells will be collected.

Liquid Marrow – Under anesthesia, Doctors use a needle to withdraw liquid marrow from the back pelvic bone.


Signing up to join the registry is the first step to becoming someone’s life-saving donor!

 Join the Registry!


To find out more about the donation process, please click below:

 Learn about the Donation Process