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Am I Eligible

Am I Eligible

Registry Guidelines

To be a member of the Registry, you need to fill (3) criteria:

  1. That you are between the ages of 18 and 40
  2. You are committed to donate to any patient in need
  3. You meet certain medical guidelines


Studies show that patients receiving blood stem cells from younger donors have a better long-term survival rate. This is why the focus is on donors who are between the ages of 18-40. The safety of both the patient and donor is the biggest priority for the registry.


When you join the Be The Match Registry, you are making a commitment to:

  • Keep them updated if your contact information changes, you have significant health changes or you change your mind about being a donor
  • Respond quickly if you are contacted as a potential match for a patient
  • Donate to any searching patient who matches you
  • Be listed on the registry until your 61st birthday, unless you ask to be removed

Medical Guidelines

Certain medical conditions may restrict eligibility. You will find out more information when joining the registry.

Join the Registry

Follow these simple steps to include yourself as a potential blood stem cell or bone marrow donor. You may save a life!

  1. Use the links on this website, or the code shared with you at a donor recruitment drive, to connect you to the Be The Match Registry as a new user.
  2. Complete the online registration form by answering some background and eligibility questions.
  3. You will receive a simple, do-it-yourself swab kit by mail. The kit includes everything you need to collect a sample of your cheek cells using 2 cotton swabs.
    Return the kit for tissue typing. You will then be added to the Registry.

Please consider making a financial contribution to the Icla da Silva Foundation. Your generous contribution is tax-deductible and helps make it possible to support patients with critical needs during their search and treatment.