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5 Steps to Donation

5 Steps to Donation

Sign Up. Save a Life.

5 Steps to Donation:

1. Sign Up. Click the link and include yourself on the registry.

2. Stay Committed. Wait for Call.

3. Additional Testing. A blood sample will determine if you are the best match.

4. Physical Exam. Patient safety is our priority.

5. Donate Marrow. Donate in one of two ways:

PBSC – Take Filgrastin 5 days prior to donating to increase the number of blood-forming cells. Through a non-surgical procedure called apheresis, blood stem cells will be collected. It’s very similar to donating plasma.

Liquid Marrow – Under anesthesia, Doctors use a needle to withdraw liquid marrow from the back pelvic bone. You feel no pain and go home the same day.


Signing up to join the registry is the first step to becoming someone’s life-saving donor!

 Join the Registry!


To find out more about the donation process, please click below:

 Learn about the Donation Process