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We funded Reina’s lodging during her
bone marrow transplant.

Her family had to relocate
during treatment.

You can support
more patients like Reina.

read her story

We funded transportation
to receive transplant.

Elly’s treatment was
200 miles from home.

You can support more
patients like Elly.

read her story


We helped Valery petition
for a clinical trial.

We supported her
application for a
humanitarian visa.

Valery received her transplant
without complications.

You can support more
patients like Valery.


Nossa Missão

A Fundação Icla da Silva salva vidas de pacientes com doenças cuja única cura é um transplante de medula óssea ou sangue do cordão umbilical, fornecendo apoio emocional, logístico e financeiro para remover as barreiras ao tratamento.


Many patients have difficulty meeting the financial burden that comes with a bone marrow transplant. You can help us support more patients by creating your own fundraising page.

Crie uma arrecadação de fundos

Give a Gift

We provide critical financial assistance for expenses that are not covered by insurance. Become a “Friend of Icla” and fund expenses like meals and housing while a patient is on their journey to a cure.

Faça uma doação financeira $

Ways to Give

The Icla da Silva Foundation appreciates the help and support of its volunteers. They dedicate an average of 2,700 hours of volunteering per year. Join us!

Ways to Give

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