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Register at Home / You May Save a Life

Register at Home / You May Save a Life

Thank you for taking the first step in becoming a life-saving stem cell donor.

1. Enter your name and information below.

2. We will send you a link to join the Be the Match registry.

3. A swab kit will be mailed to your home with instructions on swabbing the insides of your cheek.

4. Once you mail the kit back in the envelope provided, you will be included as a potential life-saver.

Thank you for your commitment to saving lives.


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Icla da Silva Foundation is the largest recruitment center for Be the Match. Our focus is increasing the size and diversity of the registry, so that each of the more than 14,000 patients who require a stem cell or marrow transplant every year, will have a better chance at finding a matching donor.

More questions? Contact us at info@icla.org