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Partners Spotlight

Partners Spotlight

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East River Medical Imaging has been a strong supporter of the Icla da Silva Foundation for 12 years.  They support our major events like the annual Hope Gala and the NYC MatchMaker 5K through generous financial contributions.

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Recently, we partnered with the Binghamton Bearcats to host a drive on campus. The men’s lacrosse team and the athletic department at the University of Binghamton in New York helped us promote the drive and volunteered onsite to drive excitement and attendance.

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Love Your Melon Campus Crew is one of our bone marrow drive partners. Together, we set up bone marrow drives at multiple campus’ to recruit and add potential donors to the Be the Match Registry. The process is easy and starts by entering your information here to host a bone marrow drive.

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Tepperman Foundation

Share Your Love Foundation

Rowan Family Foundation

The Captiva Foundation

The Needlers Foundation

The Kuperman Family Foundation

Mex-Am Cultural Foundation Inc

Vodafone Americas Foundation

New York Yankees Foundation

The FLASCO Foundation


Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority

Alpha Phi Omega

APAMSA – Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association

Kappa Sigma

Love Your Melon


Mr. Claudio and Mrs. Renata Garcia

Mr. Claudio and Mrs. Tânae Ferro

Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Belinda Brito

Mr. Alexandre and Mrs. Daniele Behring

Mr. Mark Lopez and Mrs. Leslie Spira Lopez

Mr. Andrew Wuertele and Mrs. Jessica Lappin

Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Aytac Sutter

Dr. Richard Katz

Mr. Phil Isom and Mrs. Anne Williams-Isom

Dr. Jeffrey Chell, M.D.

Mr. Silvio and Mrs. Silvio and Noeli Reichert

Mr. Paulo and Mrs. Sonia Esteves

Dr. Hsiang Chen

Mr. Robert Wild and Ms. Judith Eisen

Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Thompson Motta

Mr. Luis Felipe P. Dutra Leite

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Melissa Bauernfeind

Mr. Airam da Silva and Dr. Alessandra Guiner-da Silva

Mr. Olivier Gillier and Ms. Alejandra Mendoza

Ms. Catherine Ferrante

Mr. Sergio Pereira

Mr. Marc and Mrs. Carolyn Rowan

Mr. Fred Miller

Mr. Chris Barry

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sabine Chalmers

Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Marcia Crivorot

Mr. Norton and Joan Hight

Mrs. Magaly Lohnes

Mr. Brett Melchin

Mr. Miguel and Mrs. Jill Patricio

Ms. Kala Maxym

Mrs. Michelle Johnson-Lewis

Mr. Jose Roberto and Mrs. Ana & J Roberto de Azevedo

Ms. Elaine Goldman

The Fox Family

Dr. Robert Ludwig

Dr. Gwen Harris

Ms. Rachel Dombrowsky

Mr. Luis and Mrs. Gisela Vergara

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Alexandra Murray

Mr. Marc and Mrs. Carolyn Rowan

Mr. Fred Miller

Mr. Chris Barry

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sabine Chalmers

Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Marcia Crivorot

Mr. Mark and Dr. Anelise Engel

Ms. Luciana Konomos

Mr. Shawn Austin and Mrs. Jennifer Jones Austin

Ms. Mona Aboelnaga

Dr. & Mrs. Celso Bianco

Mrs. Silvane and Mr. Fued Sadala

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Margo Itskowitch

Mr. Thomas Parisi

Mr. Renato Tichauer

Ms. Alessandra Ripley

Mr. John Deluca

Mr. Yunus Bickici

Dr. Lawrence M. Itskowitch, DDS and Mrs. Marilyn Itskowitch

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