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February is Black History Month

Black History Month has arrived once again.  February 2018 is a perfect time for meaningful reflection on the highs and lows of the past; being reminded of lessons learned and lost opportunities.  Hats off to our tenacious ancestors who set the tone for future generations, paving the way for change and healing in an often volatile environment.

We may not all be movers and shakers in this world, but each day presents us with subtle choices.  Taken seriously, these small windows of opportunity may change the world for just one other person.  What legacy are you building for coming generations to follow? We think changing the world for one other person at a time is the most effective method because a whole lot of little contributions make up a lifetime of stunning declarations.

be the match black history month

Future Pathways

We encourage each and every person to join the movement for a better future – especially African Americans and minorities.   Shockingly, the African American donor pool makes up only 5-7% of the worldwide registry, which effectively results in only a 66% probability of finding a perfect bone marrow match for members of this community.  This is comparable to a 97% chance of finding a match from the white donor population.  

Although blood cancers are the most commonly mentioned condition for a bone marrow transplant, there are a myriad of other illnesses, too.  Sickle cell disease also requires a bone marrow transplant for any chance of recovery andis more prevalent in the African American population.  

African American bone marrow

The diversity of this ethnic group’s genetic and familial history, however, presents a massive challenge in building a fully representative donor pool.  To put it bluntly, we need more donors.  The more diverse the pool of potential donors, the greater the possibility for everyone who needs it to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant from a perfect donor match.  This is true for any population, but especially for members of minorities and mixed heritage.  

The largest bone marrow registry, Be The Match, aims to facilitate an ever-widening pool of potential bone marrow donors.  The greater the diversity presented, the better for all.  Every person deserves a second chance at a beautiful, healthy life

In this month of remembrance and celebration, take ten minutes to register as a bone marrow donor.

It is quick, painless and potentially life-changing.  You can register online, or at one of the many bone marrow drives around the country.  Hopefully you will even earn the privilege of being called upon to donate as you help to build a better world.

Be proud of your heritageand stand firm as an advocate for healing and renewal.




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