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Get Tested For Joy

Aashim Joy is an Indian man living in New York City.  He is vibrant and full of life.  He enjoys culture, cooking, travel and good conversation.  He has also recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.

In early July of 2017, exactly one year after marrying his beautiful bride Reema Singh, Aashim he was diagnosed with B-Cell Type Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.   It’s not the typical challenge that most newlyweds are faced with, but Aashim and Reema are facing this difficulty with the utmost optimism.

Earlier this year, the couple moved from Bangalore, India to NYC, far from family and friends, to live their American Dream.  Aashim is an Actuarial Consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLC and Reema is searching for new opportunities in financial risk management.

Although not a typical demand in the first year of marriage, Aashim is sure he and his wife will enjoy a bright future.  He understands that his only hope for a cure is a matching bone marrow transplant and he appreciates the role that ethnicity and genetics play in finding a compatible match.

Unfortunately, there are not many people of Indian descent currently on the Be the Match Registry.  The Indian community is underrepresented, which makes it more difficult to find a matching donor.

The process to register to become a bone marrow donor takes 10 minutes.  Once registered, you may be able to save the life of a patient whose only treatment is a bone marrow transplant. The donation process is simple and your cells fully replenish themselves in 4-6 weeks.

Please consider becoming a donor by clicking on the link below and answering a few questions including a brief medical history. You will receive a swab kit in the mail in 1-2 weeks.

Each person who joins the Registry is a new potential match for a patient in need. Though you may not be a match with Aashim, you could just as easily be a match for another person suffering from blood cancer. Make a commitment to save a life today.

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