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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

At the Icla da Silva Foundation, we know what it means to have a loved one suffering from blood cancer. Our mission is to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors and providing support services to children and adults with leukemia and other diseases treatable by marrow transplants.

Our mission to support patients and their families comes from personal experience.

In order to be eligible for assistance, all of our patients must be in active search or treatment for a bone marrow transpant at a hospital or critical care center based in the United States.

We provide patients with emotional support, logistical information, and financial assistance.

Emotional Support

We understand the challenges that bone marrow transplant candidates are met with during search and treatment. We work closely with the family members of patients in order to understand their needs and arrange the necessary support.

Logistical Information

We help families to navigate the confusing medical care system. We also refer patients to various treatment centers across the country depending on the patient’s condition, so that different medical opinions can be taken into account.

Financial Support

For patients who demonstrate a financial need, we can provide financial assistance as they work through their bone marrow search and transplant treatment.

There are five grant opportunities for bone marrow and blood stem cell patients.

Priority for grants is given to patients meeting eligibility guidelines and demonstrating the greatest financial need.


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