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Highwood Evening Market

Everts Park 111 North Avenue
Highwood, IL 60040


Contact for drive:
Terri Haid
Mobile: +1 8472245608


Additional Info:

Joining the Be the Match Registry is easy. Patients need donors who are between the ages of 18 and 44, meet the health guidelines and are willing to donate to any patient in need.

When you come to a donor drive, we will explain what it means to become a donor, help you understand your commitment, answer your questions and help you through the process.


All you need to do is:

Complete a registration form with contact information, health history questions and a signed agreement to join the NMDP Registry. To help you complete the form, bring along: Personal identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) Contact information for two family members or friends who would know how to reach you in the future if your address changes.

Give a swab of cheek cells so your tissue type can be tested.

That’s it! Your tissue type is then added to the Be the Match Registry. Doctors search the Registry when they need to find a donor for their patients. See also: How is the Donation Process?

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