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Removing Barriers – Nicole Perkins is Filled With Gratitude

Brockton, Massachusetts

Although she has suffered a blood disorder for 13 years, which resulted in cancer, Nicole is a fighter. Her heart is filled with gratitude for the assistance she has received.

Nicole Perkins was diagnosed with a blood disorder in 2009. For years, she kept regular appointments at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to have her blood checked.

Everything Seemed to Be Fine

Until she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Nicole also developed a rare disease called Amyloidosis. Both of these conditions are the result of abnormalities in the plasma cells of bone marrow.

Nicole is a hard-working, single mother of three. She never expected to face a life-threatening diagnosis. She also never assumed that she would be unable to work.

She was immediately sent to receive chemotherapy. Her treatments continued every week for 7 months. As expected, chemotherapy takes a lot out of you.

Received Her Blood Stem Cell Transplant

Fortunately, Nicole received her blood stem cell transplant in July of this year.

Her journey is far from over, but she has faith and will continue to fight.


The Icla da Silva Foundation Helped Nicole on Her Journey

Nobody expects to receive a rare, life-threatening diagnosis that requires a bone marrow transplant. Fewer still appreciate the challenges that are associated with treatment and transplant. 

Why We Help

Managing a rare disease while also maintaining a home and raising a family is a difficult task to accomplish. This is why the Icla da Silva Foundation helps bone marrow or cord blood transplant patients with emotional, logistical, and financial support during their journey.

Our goal is to remove barriers. We help patients manage unexpected challenges so they can focus on their treatment.

Watch Nicole share her story.

Please consider a donation that will support more patients and their families who are going through their journey to receive a bone marrow or cord blood transplant.


Together we will make a difference.

Written by: Bret Itskowitch

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