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Little Warrior: Valeria’s Brave Battle


Huntington Station, NY

Imagine your baby spending months in the ICU, those tiny fingers and toes grasping for life.

Baby Valeria was born with a rare genetic blood disorder. She faced unimaginable challenges before reaching her first birthday. A stroke, heart attack, and collapsed lungs all threatened this little warrior’s life.

For Valeria’s single mom Marcia, the world came crashing down. Forced to leave her job and apartment, she found herself facing her daughter’s fight alone, sleeping in the hospital on a chair.

The emotional and financial burden seemed insurmountable.

We learned about their story when Valeria was scheduled to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant at only 10 months. Helping patient families navigate the difficult journey before and after transplant is what we do.

The Icla da Silva Foundation stepped in to help a mother in need.

Thanks to the generous donors that stand with us, we provided Marcia and her baby with a safe haven, a warm place to recover as the transplant worked its magic.

We also offered Marcia something just as crucial: emotional support and a shoulder to lean on. Our team member Adriana became a beacon of hope for Marcia, guiding this single mother through her darkest moments.

“Thanks to my dear Adriana. She touched my heart with her caring and persistence. She is a warrior and a fighter, just like all of the patients and families that she helps.” -Marcia M.

Little Valeria’s transplant was successful. She is still struggling, but she is home with her mom. The medical team is managing her symptoms and this tiny warrior keeps fighting.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, baby Valeria received the care she desperately needed. But her story is not unique. Countless families face similar struggles as their loved ones battle life-threatening illnesses that are treated with a bone marrow transplant.

You can be a hero to a patient like Valeria. Your donation will provide critical support for families like Marcia’s, covering essential expenses like transportation, meals, and housing during their fight for survival.

Click the donate button below and become a hero for a patient like Valeria.


Written by: Bret Itskowitch

Watch a short video of baby Valeria


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