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PATIENT UPDATE: We love to see a patient smile

Burlington, Vermont

We just received an update from a recent patient. Kristina is a single mother who was diagnosed with AML and needed support traveling out-of-state to receive her treatments.

We removed that barrier and she recently reached out with an update:


My sons and I were able to get out in the new snow up north during school break to do some sledding. This is the 1st time we’ve revisited this tradition since before I got sick with AML!!!

Memories made!


Click and watch the 0:08 video below. Listen to her laughing!!

You can make more patients smile on their journey to a cure. Please donate today.

Read our first story about Kristina, and watch her video talking about the importance of the support she received using this link.


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Helping a 3-Year-Old Battle Sickle Cell


Jacksonville, FL

Mom Dellesha, donor Makira, and stem cell recipient Kayali

Dellesha is the proud mother of five children. Her 3-year-old, a beautiful girl named Kayali, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at birth.

Kayali needed a bone marrow transplant. All her siblings were tested and 11-year-old Makira, the oldest (and bravest), was considered the best candidate to donate bone marrow.

But the transplant center was 160 miles away.

Dellesha needed to uproot her family to be closer to a transplant center. She could not work during months of treatment, so she cut expenses by ending their lease and putting everything into storage.

The Icla Cares program removed the family’s barriers with a grant for gas, groceries, and some of that storage during treatment.

The transplant was a success. 

Dellesha is grateful and has high hopes for their future.

She considers the Icla da Silva Foundation to be like family. While she is certainly thankful for the funds, she said she was grateful for our concern. “I received so many texts, always asking how I was doing, how Kayali was. The Foundation is like family.

Dellesha doesn’t like talking about what they went through, but she has heartfelt words for other patient families:

Have faith, because that’s what you’re going to need. Don’t give up Hope.”

You can help us support more patient families like Dellesha and her daughter. Even a small donation will help patients prepare for treatment with faith and hope.


Written by: Bret Itskowitch

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