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The Numbers are In!

What’s the issue?

Every year, 13,000 Americans need a bone-marrow transplant from someone outside their family to cure 65 blood diseases, most notably leukemia.  Every day 6,000 people search the registry for a match.

Our response:

2,846: Marrow drives to date.  The Icla da Silva Foundation holds over 250 marrow drives per month to add thousands of donors to the Be the Match Registry. On average, 100 new people a day become donors.

44,651: Donors added in 2015.  You can help add more. Pick a date, time and location and we will work with you.  On the day of the drive, one of our trained Community Engagement Representatives will be present with forms, kits and educational materials.

87: Number of patients who have received transplants this year from Icla donors. The foundation targets its marrow drives on the patient’s ethnicity.  President Airam Da Silva says, “How can you not be motivated to offer these services when out of 100 donors that match a patient, only 40 can be found or ultimately agree to donate?  That’s why we offer support, speak different languages, and are the same cultures as the communities we serve, so we can communicate with them.  We need to make sure those who can donate actually do.”

80: Number of patients who have received logistical, emotional and financial support from the Icla Da Silva Foundation this year. President Airam Da Silva says, “We offer emotional, logistical, and financial support.  We handle immigration and travel expenses.  We send swab kits to siblings overseas, and I become part of their family and connect them with other resources.  That’s what my sister needed and that’s what she didn’t get.”

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