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Valery Rings the Bell!

When a cancer patient rings the bell three times, it signifies the end of a challenging chapter in their journey.

The Icla da Silva Foundation helped remove barriers to treatment for Valery. We supported her and her family through a clinical trial and a bone marrow transplant.

You can read her story here – https://icla.org/finding-a-cure-for-v…

Watch the video and smile with us for 9-year-old Valery and her family as she rings the bell.

You can support our mission through a financial donation. We use donated funds to remove barriers for patients who require a life-saving bone marrow or cord blood treatment.

Thank you.

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Icla da Silva Foundation – Celebrating Another Live Saved!

Icla da Silva Foundation – Celebrating Another Live Saved!

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Alfredo’s Story

Alfredo has been ill for 8 years. His family has been searching for a matching stem cell donor for more than 5 years. Could you be a potential match for Alfredo? Please include yourself on the national registry – you may save a life!


This is Jakobe
Jakobe was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It’s an aggressive cancer and it is progressing very quickly. His family is searching for a blood stem cell donor in order to survive.

Currently, there are no matching donors for him on the Be The Match registry.

Please include yourself as a potential donor by clicking here – https://join.bethematch.org/IclaFB
LATiNAS and CUNY TV report on the Icla da Silva Foundation

Thank you LATiNAS for this insightful piece (4:24 – 11:29) about the challenges that ethnically diverse patients face when searching for a cure to blood cancers and sickle cell.

These diseases can be cured with a genetically matched stem cell or bone marrow transplant.  But there aren’t enough ethnically diverse donors on the registry.
Include yourself. Text CUNYTV to 61474. Help spread the word about saving more lives.
Tinabeth Pina reporting