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High Volume Fashion Show and The Icla da Silva Foundation

The Icla da Silva Foundation, the largest recruitment center for bone marrow donors in the United States, is proud to have been the charity benefited with the High Volume Fashion Show, a Latin Fashion Exposition produced by Cristina Madrona and Caio Castro, which took place in New York City on Saturday March 21st 2011.

The event presented the newest trends of Brazilian and Colombian manufactures, with collections by Chris Madrona Collections, Phax, Maria Bonita, Sandra Baquero and Pricilla Costa.

Dr. Robert Rey, a Brazilian plastic surgeon featured on the E! reality series Dr. 90210, has joined the event from Beverly Hills, California. “This is such an incredible organization. I feel proud and honored to bring people on board of this beautiful cause. Can you imagine a charity that recruits 40,000 people to join The Be The Match Registry? It’s like recruiting all the population from a little town in Brazil. I have just become a bone marrow donor, and everyone has the chance to save a life”, said Dr. Rey. Top model Camilla Brant also showed her support to the fight agains leukemia.

All donations have proceeded to the work of The Icla da Silva Foundation, an organization established in 1992, in memory of the 13-year-old brazilian girl named Icla da Silva. After three years of fighting leukemia, Icla passed away in New York City, where she came hoping to get her life saving treatment: a bone marrow transplant. The young girl never found a matching donor.

Your support will help the Icla da Silva Foundation save more lives. Any amount counts. Give today at