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He Was Going to Skip His Bone Marrow Transplant


Winfield, MO

When Terry was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, he was devastated. It started with a visit to the doctor for kidney troubles, and before he knew it, he was faced with a life-threatening illness. His doctor recommended chemotherapy treatments and a bone marrow transplant.

But Terry had some major obstacles. 

He and his family lived an hour away from the nearest transplant center. Relocating for treatment wasn’t a viable option. His daughter, who is disabled, relied on him for both physical and emotional support.

Terry was faced with an impossible choice – skip his bone marrow transplant or risk leaving his daughter without the care she needed.

Providing Life-Saving Financial Support 

That’s when Icla Cares stepped in. We provided the family with the financial assistance they needed to make the transplant possible. With our support, Terry was able to cover the cost of transportation, groceries, and even feed for their emotional support animals.

Thanks to our help, Terry received his life-saving bone marrow transplant. His social worker, Claire Pees at Saint Louis University Hospital, said that “the Icla da Silva Foundation made his transplant possible.

Terry can now look forward to many more years with his family. He can focus on healing and being there for his daughter, knowing that he has a second chance at life.

You Can Help

There are still many patients like Terry who are struggling to afford the costs associated with life-saving treatments. With your support, we can provide critical financial assistance to patients in need.

Please consider a donation and help us support more patients like Terry. Your gift will make a difference and help save a life.


Thank you for your support!

Written by: Bret Itskowitch

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