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A Lifeline to Recovery – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright


Port Washington, WI

Bob’s world was shattered when he was diagnosed with blood cancer. He was already working two jobs to shoulder the financial burdens that included prior medical debt. His diagnosis forced him to stop working, and the looming bone marrow transplant meant he would be out of work for months.

In this critical moment, the Icla da Silva Foundation became a lifeline, stepping in to keep the lights on.

Support extended even further, providing funds for Bob to stay at Kathy’s House – a haven near the transplant center crucial for his recovery.

Bob told us that he was so grateful for the extra help. “I never wanted to ask, but the social workers convinced me. This had made all the difference.” With their worries eased, Bob can focus on his battle, and a chance to fight for his future and his family.

Bob’s t-shirt says it all, ‘Everything’s Gonna be Alright.’

We wish him a full recovery following his bone marrow transplant.

Your support can offer a family like Bob’s a fighting chance in their battle against blood cancer. Please consider making a donation that funds critical needs like lodging, meals, and transportation while a patient is in treatment to receive a bone marrow transplant.


Written by: Bret Itskowitch

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